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Saadar India, for the social works and fulfillments of its aim and objective, is looking for —

  • The Donation from the people. The society is registered under Section 80 G, so all the people who gives the donation, will get the income tax benefit as per the law.
  • Unsecured Loans at reasonable interest rates
  • Subscription of the magazine “SAADAR INDIA”(It’s a bilingual monthly magazine published by the society focusing on nation building). The forms can be collected from the office or can be downloaded from here.
  • Advertisment in “SAADAR INDIA” magazine or/and website Please call us for the rates of advertisement

Those who are willing to associate in with the society for social cause may either send their proposal by email address ( or by post at correspondence address or may contact on phone.
Society is dedicated to nation building issue and works as charity organization. All the amount received are used only for achievement of aims and objectives of society.

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