Aims & Objectives

  1. Eradication of social evils.
  2. To spread education.
  3. To support de-addiction and rehabilitation of addicts.
  4. Development of weaker sections and needy persons.
  5. To help the down-trodden, widows, orphans, victims of violence and natural calamities.
  6. To provide legal aid to S/C, weaker sections, S/T people and other needy persons groups in terms of protecting their Civil Rights (PCR).
  7. To help in improving the developing the weaker section of society people with an infrastructure for their good living.
  8. To help establishing special schools & centers for persons with physical disabilities particularly deaf and dumb, blind, mental impaired, victimized ones and lepers etc.
  9. To help in re-establishing the morale and respect for aged people through institutional improvement and by providing better living conditions.
  10. To help women facing atrocities.
  11. To provide care, protection education shelter, legal aid, career opportunities to destitute, abandoned, victimized, orphan and other needy children.
  12. To help in providing better education & other infrastructure centers for rural people.
  13. To undertake road safety programmes to check increasing rates of accidents.
  14. To appoint and supervise paid staffs for the organization and to set up branch office the organization in suitable places in rural, hill, towns etc. of the country.
  15. To help extend medical, nutritional, yogic naturopathy awareness services in the rural section and urban slum areas.
  16. The society will give health facilities and create awareness among masses regarding health check-up and to organize health camps and educate people for small families, family planning norms and for healthy living.
  17. To generate sense of service, patriotism, humanism, social responsibility scientific temper, love for environmental improvements, cohesiveness in the society, tolerance respect for values, unbiased gender attitude amongst the people.
  18. To crate technological infrastructure for employment generation in rural areas and to develop technology for providing basic needs to the poor i.e. housing, education, health and environment to improve their living conditions.
  19. To provide the facilities of science and technology in urban slums and in the rural areas.
  20. To undertake special and constructive programmes for the betterment of the weaker section of the rural communities by providing them with adequate housing and sanitary facilities such as low cost housing, low cost sanitary latrines, smokeless chullahs and housing materials, pure drinking water facilities by digging common ponds or by filing tube wells for underground water and rural water supply scheme etc.
  21. To carry out relief and rehabilitation work during natural calamities of floods, droughts famines, fire, epidemics etc.
  22. To spread basic literal, commercial, technical, social, moral, medical and adult education.
  23. To run crèches, schools, colleges and other public institutions for spread of education.
  24. To encourage the studies of oriental languages and technical education.
  25. To provide stipends, scholarships and other facilities for the education of the deserving students.
  26. To acquire, purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire land and building and all other property moveable or immovable necessary for the society.
  27. To organize and conduct cultural activities and make centers for cultural activities.
  28. To society by it’s constitution is required to apply it’s provide if any or other income in promoting it’s objects.
  29. To support other small NGO’s and societies.
  30. To launch various development oriented and trust based activities with the sole objective of Nation building.
  31. To conduct, take up and carry out researches, planning and evaluations on priorities issues and critically examine and assess existing policies systems and programmes so as to formulate cohesive alternative strategies for optimum accrual of benefits to the targeted masses.
  32. To advocate, support and if needed to undertake mass contact drives to bring about holistic and healthy living. To organize meets, conferences, and workshops to raise community awareness.
  33. To foster contact and consultations through commissioned researches, workshops, seminars and conferences among academicians, policy framers, managers, entrepreneurs, traders, accredited professional bodies and end users within the country and state in pursuance of the above to Frame and implement programme in furthering socio-economic progress regionally.
  34. To provide institutions and individuals with requisite information on national issues through networking/ own resources or by setting up systems.
  35. To constitute if necessary, autonomous bodies, institutions, centers of excellence, regional centers at convenient places in the country or state to promote and propagate the ideas and objectives of the society.
  36. To undertake and accept the management of any endowment or trust funds or donation and to raise loans from bans, institutions, private parties, persons and business establishments for furtherance of the aim of the society.
  37. To bring together persons of various communities by creating, fostering, goodwill, brotherhood, peace and co-operation with the aim of promoting international understanding and cooperation in conformity to principles and ideals of international organization like UN agencies within and outside the country.
  38. To arrange for taking programmes relating to village industries, cottage industries and fruit plantation, small scale industries and seeking probable materials / assistances from the state / central govt. and international agencies for making the organization full fledged production centres.
  39. To work closely with public bodies, corporation, private organization, literal and cultural agencies for co-planning, designing and management of programmes ensuring social and economic development that protects or restores the environment and preserve biological and cultural resources and work in order to inform, defend and protect historical monuments and sights, natural environment and exotic animals by using legal judicial and public pressure through media publication, petitions etc.
  40. To create awareness among masses for the disposal of waste or the waste management.
  41. To provide natural environmental infrastructure to the people.
  42. To create awareness and conduct programmes by taking effective steps regarding Global Warming and other like issue relating to life on planet Earth.
  43. To create programmes for conducting afforestation.
  44. To make aware masses for rain harvesting and conducting programmes for it’s development on a large scale. To provide assistance to the institutions, housing societies and other corporate bodies for the installation and developing infrastructure for rain harvesting.
  45. To make awareness among the masses about and take necessary steps to protect the flora and fauna of the environment.
  46. To give vocational, technical, computer education to the unemployed and needy youths and the people.
  47. The society will also open free legal and centres for the poor and others.
  48. To acquire and diffuse information on formal and non-formal education matter and other issues by publication and circulation of papers, pamphlets, periodicals, books, journals, etc. on education, development and other related subjects.
  49. To educate, inspire, motivate support children and other towards the cherished values of Indian society and humanistic values-knowledge of mankind through audio-visual media, literature and cultural artistic activities.
  50. To help achieve crime-free society in India.
  51. To help achieve women empowerment weaker sections and down-trodden’s improvement.
  52. To help reduce the disparity in the society.
  53. To help literary activities through mobile static libraries, workshops, seminars, encouragements to writers, publications etc.
  54. To help improve police-public relations.
  55. To help generate democratic mind set among all the sections of society.
  56. To help inculcate humane attitude patriotism, sensitive attitude in the society.
  57. To help eradicate domestic violence, girl child violence, gender inequity mind set in the society.
  58. To help control pollution.
  59. To crate awareness about quality improvements in product and services.
  60. To help protect national integrity.
  61. To help in sports promotion activities.
  62. To increase social audit programmes.
  63. To help protect national Heritage properties and intellects.
  64. Protection of wild life and their environment to maintain natural balance.
  65. To organize animal protection and welfare programmes.
  66. To take character building steps.
  67. Under trial, under investigation people’s rights to be protected in jail, police custody etc. The dependents of those be also take care of. The education and welfare measures for children and families of under trials, convicted persons to be undertaken. Rehabilitation of convicted released persons in the society.
  68. To spread the concept of secularism and significance of each religion on equal footing.
  69. To help get rid off divisive forces in society to achieve tolerance, all round development of the society, national integrity, cohesiveness and humanism.
  70. To make serials, films, videos, audios, documentaries, acquire channel rights on television and radio to use the same for achieving the aims of the society as given above and for taking steps to provide healthy entertainment to the people.

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